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We are an established contractor in the petrochemical industry with experienced teams working on plant, pipework and storage tanks.  Petrochemical facilities are some of the harshest industrial environments to maintain and Wardle Painters understands the safety requirements and the specialised coating systems necessary to protect these important operations.


To ensure a quality finished product that upholds our high standards we utilise surface preparation techniques such as hand and power tool cleaning, ultra high pressure water jetting and grit blasting.  The application of specialised coatings requires application in strict compliance within industry regulations (BS EN ISO and SSPC) and with our highway trained directly employed painters and experienced contract management team you can feel confident that the works will be undertaken correctly.


Many of our clients are longstanding and as such our time in this industry is proven.


We hold the Achilles FPAL accreditation


Why Choose Wardles


Preparation Techniques

Preparation Techniques

Wardles have much experience in carrying out surface preparation and painting.  We can provide many types of surface preparation to any structure and this may include:-

  • Grit blasting
  • Water jetting
  • Ultra high pressure water jetting
  • Hand and Mechanical preparation
  • Graffiti removal

Grit Blasting

Our staff are fully ICATS qualified and have a comprehensive understanding of the (BS EN ISO 8501-1) standards of steel surface preparation prior to the application of coatings and SSPC/NACE standards.

Abrasive blasting is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure.  The process is to remove paint and other surface contaminants prior to applying a range of coatings.

We undertake this type of preparation to various structures in different enviornments such as marine, internal, external for many different industries. 

We hold a current waste carriers licence.

UHP Water Jetting

Ultra high pressure water jetting is a method of surface preparation that uses water projected onto a surface at pressures between 25,000 and 36,000 psi.  No abrasives are used in the operation as water jetting relies on the energy of the water striking the surface to achieve the preparation standard.  

All coatings and surface contaminants have a removal threshold energy which is predominantly sheer rather than tensile. If the water jetting exceeds this threshold the coating and contaminants will be removed. When using UHP water jetting as a process of surface preparation, part of the energy kinetic used is transformed into heat. The heat raises the temperature of the substrate and accelerates the evaporation of the water and the drying of the surface. The metallic steel surface will quickly ginger as a result of surface oxidation, this is known as flash rusting.

An additional benefit of using UHP water jetting as a method of surface preparation is that any soluble salts and invisible surface contamination will be removed. Surface tolerant primers must be utilised after the UHP water jetting process in order to obtain the optimum adhesion strength between the primer and the steel surface

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