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When it comes to choosing a coating applicator for a nuclear power facility, existing or new build, the track record and expertise of Wardle Painters Ltd is unparalleled.


We have vast experience in working in the Energy Sector throughout the U.K.  We have previously Dungeness B, Heysham and Sizewell and are currently working on projects on Hinkley Point B and C power stations.  Despite being affected by the COVID-19 health crisis Hinkley Point C has made significant progress and we are pleased to be part of the team.


We are registered and have been successfully audited with Achilles UVDB.  Our supplier No. is 059525.


Our directly employed painters are all ICATS trained (internally) and hold BE/CTC clearance and are more than aware of the sentitive nature of these COMAH sites.


Why Choose Wardles

We work closely with many manufacturers who bring their expertise, innovation and technical support.


These manufacturer's include:-

  • PPG Protective and Marine Coatings
  • FREITAG (a PPG brand) for which we trained and an approved applicator
  • Internatoinal Paints
Why Choose Wardles

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