Grit Blasting

Show your metal with grit blasting.

Grit Blasting

Grit blasting is an abrasive technique, forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive materials or sharp particles against a surface under high pressure. Commonly used to prepare surfaces for the application of a protective coating system, the process is used to remove paint and other surface contaminants such as corrosion or scale.

We undertake this type of preparation to various structures in different environments such as marine, internal, external for many different industries. We also hold a current waste carriers’ licence.

Our team is fully ICATS qualified and has a comprehensive understanding of the BS EN ISO 8501-1 standards of steel surface preparation prior to the application of coatings and SSPC/NACE standards.

What we offer:

We work to three different grit blasting standards – SA1, SA2 and SA2.5


Case Study

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