Tank & Bund Linings

Delivering durable tank and bund linings

Tank & Bund Linings

Created to prevent toxic chemicals from spilling into the environment by protecting the underlying substrate, tank and bund linings are essential to minimising health and safety risks in industrial settings.

These linings rely on effective surface preparation to ensure adhesion and a seamless finish, avoiding those dangerous leaks. For our clients operating in industrial sectors, we would often recommend grit blasting surface preparation as it is the ultimate solution, especially in projects that require exceptionally clean surfaces so that the coatings can adhere correctly in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.

Our team is ICATS trained and hold valid confined space entry certification.

What we offer:

Grit blasting surface preparation

Closed circuit grit blasting surface preparation (vacuum blasting)

Application of the protective coating system by various spray methods


Case Study

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